Become a StarPhoenix Motor Carrier 

> Earn $350 to $750 per month* 

> Route delivery to be completed by 7:00am, Tuesday to Saturday 

Become a Bridges Carrier 

> Earn $50 to $100+ per month* 

> Route delivery to be completed by 8pm every Thursday 

> Average deliveries are 80 to 170 homes per week

Become a Bridges Bundle Driver 

> Earn $650+ per month* 

> Run delivery is weekly 

> Deliver papers to Bridges Carriers' homes on a designated run in the city

> All nightly routes originate in Saskatoon

> Runs are approximately 500 kms per day, 21 delivery days per month

> Deliver papers to assigned drops in towns

> Gross earnings approximately $5,000 to $6,000 per month*

* Labour and Fuel Inclusive
Areas in Saskatoon with Available StarPhoenix Motor Carrier Routes
King George
River Heights